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2x Newport Integrity 2 VCS

We have 2 the Integrity 2 VCS optical tables, 4x6 and 4x7 ft with and without active dumping. These tables boast sturdy support legs and a 4.8 mm skin. They are perfectly suited for spectroscopy, multi-mode fiber, micro-positioning, and various non-interferometric uses in both academic and corporate laboratory settings.

Our interdisciplinary research lab features two branches: the Optical Lab and the Microwave/Electronics/Chemistry Lab. Housing two optical tables and key equipment including a Montana Instruments CryoAdvance with Magneto-Optic Module, a Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E, and a Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope, our lab is well-equipped. We possess an array of light sources, spectrometers, and detectors, supplemented with portable equipment, materials, and supplies. Key inventory encompasses Mounted Glan-Thompson Calcite Polarizers, Super Apochromatic Microscope Objectives, Si Avalanche Photodetectors, and Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Diode Systems, among others. Additional resources include Digital Power & Energy Consoles, various Photodiode Power Sensors, and a multitude of essential kits and filters. Our comprehensive equipment roster ensures cutting-edge research across disciplines.

Renishaw InVia confocal Raman microscope features an automated stage and two laser options (514 nm and 633 nm). With a cm-1 range from 100-4000, it offers versatility for acquiring spectra, depth focus scans, mappings, and serial spectra. Equipped with edge and eclipse filters, it supports 5x, 20x, and 50x objectives. Additionally, it provides access to four distinct databases for spectra identification.


SLS205 Fiber-Coupled Xenon Light Source, 240 - 1200 nm

The Thorlabs SLS205 Fiber-Coupled Xenon Light Source is a versatile illumination device that covers a wide spectral range from 240 nm to 1200 nm, with intense lines between 800 nm and 1000 nm. It features a 75 W Xenon bulb with a short arc gap of 1.3 mm for high coupling efficiency. The light source includes a removable SMA905 fiber adapter and an internally SM1-threaded aperture for easy connection to other accessories. It offers a BNC port for external CMOS shutter control and exhibits low output power drift. With compatibility for the 30 mm cage system and Ø1" lens tubes, it provides flexibility in experimental setups.

PACTO Fiber-optic Spectrometer, 200 - 1100 nm

Avantes' new Pacto spectrometer is a compact and lightweight device optimized for high-performance spectroscopy integration. With a wavelength range of 200 - 1100 nm, the Pacto offers impressive features including high-speed performance (up to 9 μs integration times), minimal stray light (as low as 0.1%), and a strong signal-to-noise ratio of 375:1. 

Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope

HeNe Lasers (N-LGP-173 and N-LYP-173)

The N-LGP-173 Green and N-LYP-173 Yellow HeNe Lasers produce a 500:1 linearly polarized output at 0.5 mW (minimum) and 2.0 mW (minimum), respectively. The Green laser operates at 543 nm while the Yellow laser operates at 594 nm. The longitudinal mode spacing is approximately 373 MHz, and the spectral bandwidth is around 1630 MHz (FWHM).


SLS301 Free-Space Light Source with Control Unit, 360 - 3800 nm, >1.6 W Output

The Stabilized Quartz Tungsten-Halogen Light Source by Thorlabs provides a highly stable, constant intensity output of >1.6 W blackbody radiation across the range of 360 to 3800 nm. Its collimated output in a Ø35 mm beam makes it suitable for optical measurement equipment and white light interferometry applications. The source features a closed-loop control system for high stability, with power fluctuations of only 0.05% within 1 hour. It is compatible with 30 mm and 60 mm cage systems and comes with a manual shutter for output control. The included controller displays temperature, bulb status, and lifespan indicators for monitoring and safety. Optional color-balancing filters are available for adjusting the color temperature.


The Genesis MX SLM-Series is a single longitudinal mode, TEM00 laser system including a head and power supply intended for interferometric applications while efficiently converting a low voltage, high current-source with up to 1W of laser output. This OPSL platform is CDRH and CE-compliant and is designed for the end-user with software or front panel interface.   

Genesis MX532-1000 SLM OPSLaser-Diode System (Water Cooled)

Montana Instruments CryoAdvance with Magneto-Optic Module

The CryoAdvance™ 50 is a state-of-the-art closed-cycle cryostat that offers exceptional performance, flexibility, and user-friendliness. With a 50 mm diameter sample chamber, it achieves the lowest possible base temperature while minimizing platform vibrations and cooldown time. The sample chamber is designed to provide easy access for experiments, allowing for unobstructed access to the sample and wiring by simply lifting off the window assembly and radiation shield. The CryoAdvance™ systems are highly configurable, with compatible options throughout the product family. The Magneto-Optic Module is specifically designed to be compatible with the CryoAdvance™ 50, enabling the application of a 0.7T magnetic field across the sample with various optical access points.

Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E

The Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E is an advanced inverted microscope that offers an exceptional 25mm field of view (FOV), revolutionizing the way images are visualized. It maximizes the sensor area of large-format CMOS cameras, ensuring high data throughput without compromising quality. The Ti2's stable platform is ideal for super-resolution imaging, while its unique hardware-triggering capabilities enable high-speed imaging applications. Intelligent functions guide users through imaging workflows, minimizing user errors, and ensuring data accuracy. The microscope's internal sensors automatically record the status of each acquisition, enhancing quality control and data reproducibility. When combined with Nikon's NIS-Elements software, the Ti2 becomes a groundbreaking imaging solution.